Native instruments Blocks Wired

“BLOCKS WIRED is a set of three pre-patched modular synths created with REAKTOR Blocks – the easiest way to start exploring the playful, fun world of modular synthesis.

BLOCKS WIRED runs in the latest version of the free REAKTOR 6 PLAYER. If you own REAKTOR 6 and are running the latest REAKTOR Blocks update, BLOCKS WIRED is already installed on your computer.


  • The fastest, easiest entry point to modular synthesis
  • Premium sound quality delivers legendary synth tone
  • Distinctive modules provide one-of-a-kind sonic character


Showcasing two of the new West Coast Blocks in REAKTOR 6, Lumikko captures the classic sound of renowned West Coast monosynths. While using only a small selection of Blocks, it’s capable of producing a wide array of unusual and exciting sounds.


XY is an expressive sequenced synth capable of generative melodies and sonic textures. Discover nearly infinite modulation possibilities via the innovative XY sequencer. It also lets you create deep drone textures and interesting counter melodies.


Submotion produces a wide range of step-modulated timbres, bass sequences, and dark sequenced textures. Submotion is great for generating rhythmic, animated overtone structures, as well as classic subtractive synth sounds.”

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