MorphSampler & Player 864

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“The spatial octophonic input is more dedicated to “standard” microphones arragements, including compact octophonic ones, but it can also work well with anything else ;-)
Both versions:
– 6 Preset Shapes (Line X, Y, Z, Circle, Cube, 45° Cube for 2nd order microphones) to be easily morphed with a dedicated Polar controller
– each Shape can be edited
– 1 multimode filter, 1 ADSR and 1 LFO
– Polyphonic Aftertouch support
Sampler version:
– in Layer Mode the 8 sample channels can be crossfaded
Player version:
– loads 8 mono files, if possible about the same durations
– Balance gesture pad
– Micro Gestures to automate individually the levels and the pitch of each input”

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