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“The first of its kind, MNDALA is built to use our ultrasonic samples recorded at 32bit/384Khz and play at an industry-leading 24bit/96Khz within all VST3/AU compatible DAW’s. This allows for extreme pitching and manipulation of the sounds while retaining a resolution never before available in this form. MNDALA’s complex sound design possibilities combined with our pristinely recorded samples open up entirely new worlds of sonic expression.

Taking from over a decade of experience working at the vanguard of interactive sound and music, we’ve designed MNDALA to be the audio engine we always wanted.

Advanced Samplers

6 fully-featured samplers built to harness our extreme quality ultrasonic recorded samples.

• Deep Effects System

Introducing Colours: our custom DSP effects system. 5 effects slots per sampler (2 polyphonic, 2 stereo), and 5 stereo bus effect slots.

• 3 Axis Performance Matrix

Inspired by video game audio engines. Our 3 performance axes control 62 dynamic tables, allowing you to entirely morph the sound with one gesture.

• Complex Sequencing

Each sampler has its own dedicated sequencer with up to 128 steps, per lane randomization, shuffle, and stride.”

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