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With ‘Mindful Harmony’ comes a new online tool that introduces, rather than facilitates, the cycle of fifths and uses it to locate scales and chords and form progressions . Welcome, since it is free and reasonably complete.

As welcome as it is that it is available for free (the author is ‘invite a co-fi’ as a way of receiving a little help if you wish), I don’t think it’s exactly the kindest type of introduction for the newbie. Without a guide or teacher, it could be easy to get lost . In addition, the tools to create a progression would admit several improvements (it assists with ‘twinned/close’ chords, etc., but it is slow, and does not reach, for the moment, the level of other paid ones).

So, with so many criticisms, why am I bringing it as news? It is impossible for someone like me, who calls his own personal website ‘cicloquintas.es’, to resist presenting this application online. In addition, it really is an important ‘cheatsheet’ or ‘compendium’, which can be very useful to study/review by someone who already knows these concepts in part. Also because if the project continues to grow it could incorporate improvements in the wizard for the ‘design’ of progressionsand chord sequences, which make it a little less rough for that specific task, in which I see it as unnecessarily slow. It would not be bad to allow the specification of chords assisted from the alphanumeric keyboard by writing them in whole or in part, or the support on a piano keyboard not necessarily to play the chords but to speed up their entry. The entrance itself could be assisted in part in the circle, but it does not, although the development of the constructed sequence is displayed on it.

In short, I recommend, yes, the visit . The way in which it presents the circle of fifths, displaying in each of its 12 regions the names of the different modes, allowing not only the major scale to be used as a base, but also the harmonic minor and the melodic minor (thus generating altered modes and chords ), the way in which it allows you to know ‘useful’ chords at all times, input sevenths, ninths and other extensions, or inversions and open arrangements,… Regardless of whether you take advantage of them in one percentage or another, what It will depend on your knowledge, surely it can lead you to think in a different way about things already known. It is what organizes ‘maps’ to summarize so much information. They can help us understand / intuit / learn. And as a map, I insist, it is not bad at all.

Another thing is that he criticizes his intention to serve as an aid to compose/write the harmonic part of a song. There it is difficult for me to see it in its current state, perhaps because it is the hours that are, somewhat late. I’m sure I’ll give it more than one visit, but I didn’t want to wait to show it to you after just five minutes of use. And I am convinced that you will also dedicate some time to it, which will be entertaining and productive for many.”

Source : mindfulharmony.app

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