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“Inspired by a video of Dan Worral. Dan Worrall uses parallel bandpass filters to fatten up drums.

Since that involves quite a lot of routing I decided to make it a plugin with a streamlined workflow. I also added a comb filter and a ring mod that kinda sounds like phase distortion, because it’s on the same frequency as the filter. (don’t call me out on that. retrospectively I wish I had just called it ringmod. I’ll make up for it next time I release something like this!) There are some nerdy extra features like a formulaparser, that generates waveforms and a tuning editor, in which you can explore alternative xen-scales and stuff.

In a more technical sense, you can also just see this as a nice little tool for adding parallel bandpass filters easily while controlling resonance independently from gain, which is basically the main thing they always forget to add to equalizers for some reason.”

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