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“Magnus Lite is a robust and versatile brickwall limiter and clipper plugin crafted to facilitate the attainment of maximum loudness while preserving the clarity and integrity of your audio.


  • Complimentary brickwall limiter and clipper plugin.
  • Clipper and limiter functions unified in a single package.
  • Gain control for the clipper and limiter.
  • Limiter with a fixed threshold of -0.2dB.
  • Release time control to adjust the limiter’s action.
  • Interface with both light and dark mode options.
  • Supports Windows (version 10 and above) and MacOS (version 10.13 and above).
  • Native support for Apple Silicon.
  • VST, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX support available.

Magnus Lite grants you complete command over your audio’s loudness and clarity. The clipper and limiter collaborate harmoniously to generate the most optimal sound. Additionally, the gain control and release time control allow you to refine your audio according to your preference. Furthermore, the interface’s light and dark mode options provide the freedom to work in a manner that best accommodates your needs.”

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