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The Best Free Audio Plugins for OS X with Video Demos. AudioUnit (AU), RTA, VST…Synths, Reverbs, Compressors…and much more. Just listen, watch and download!

SoundObject | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VST
884 Views Rating: 4 /5 (2 votes)
“SoundObject creates a binaural sound with the senses of three-dimensional sound localization from a monaural acou[...]
Lost-sampler | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacLinuxFree VSTAudioUnit
880 Views Rating: 4 /5 (3 votes)
“Lost-sampler is a digital Lofi effect. Developed at the end the 20th century, digital memory is the most recent m[...]
Crystal Harp | Audio plugins for free

Crystal Harp

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
874 Views Rating: 2.8 /5 (4 votes)
“Crystal Harp is a virtual instrument featuring the sound of, you guessed it, a crystal harp. Its soft and gentle [...]
T-Puncher Free | Audio Plugins for Free

T-Puncher Free

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
872 Views Rating: 4.1 /5 (5 votes)
“T-Puncher Free is the fastest way to control the sound’s transients to make your tracks punchier or softer with[...]
Flux Mini 2 | Audio plugins for free

Flux Mini 2

    WindowsMaciOSFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
864 Views Rating: 4.7 /5 (3 votes)
“Flux Mini 2 is an audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph crea[...]
Vinyl Crackles Generator | Audio Plugins for Free

Vinyl Crackles ...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
864 Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
“Vinyl Crackles Generator is a plugin that comes with 80 vinyl crackles that you can mangle with four built-in eff[...]
ChowDSP BYOD | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacLinuxFree VSTAudioUnitLV2AAX
864 Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (2 votes)
“ChowDSP BYOD is a free, open-source plugin that lets you build your own distortion effect on macOS, Windows, iOS [...]
Amurg Lite | Audio plugins for free

Amurg Lite

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
859 Views Rating: 3.7 /5 (3 votes)
“Amurg Lite is a free virtual instrument plugin featuring 33 presets. The preset types cover keys, leads, basses, [...]
Pocket Oscillator | Audio Plugins for Free

Pocket Oscillat...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
855 Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
“Pocket Oscillator is a macOS and Windows compatible stereo capable oscillator. Designed for VST3, AU, and stand-a[...]
Direct Approach AllPlugins Bundle | Audio Plugins for Free

Direct Approach...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
842 Views Rating: 4.5 /5 (1 votes)
“Direct Approach is a developer that in recent years has released several audio processing plugins, mostly focused[...]
Cecilia | Audio Plugins for Free

Cecilia 5.4.1

841 Views Rating: 4.2 /5 (3 votes)
“Cecilia is an audio signal processing environment aimed at sound designers. Cecilia mangles sound in ways unheard[...]
Drum One | Audio plugins for free

Drum One

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
841 Views Rating: 3 /5 (2 votes)
“Drum One is a free drum kits plugin utilizing a lite version of Supreme Drums Engine. It is designed to provide a[...]
Regressif | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
833 Views Rating: 2.5 /5 (3 votes)
“Regressif is an audio plugin focused on sound degradation. Combining a multimode filter with distortion, samplera[...]
808XD | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
831 Views Rating: 4 /5 (2 votes)
“808XD is a free and quite simple virtual instrument ROMpler (sample-based) featuring a variety of dirty, deep &am[...]
EQ302 | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
828 Views Rating: 3 /5 (6 votes)
“Red Rock Sound EQ302 is a 32 band equaliser offering 12 dB of cut or boost in 1/3 octave steps between the freque[...]
COMPER | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
824 Views Rating: 4 /5 (1 votes)
“”Multi-Mode”, “Serial Compression” with “Switchable” and “BlendableR[...]
Fluctus | Audio Plugins for Free


824 Views Rating: 3.8 /5 (3 votes)
“Fluctus is a free 3-operator FM synthesizer that’s incredibly simple yet very flexible in the sounds it can[...]
BPB 64 | Audio Plugins for Free

BPB 64

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
823 Views Rating: 4 /5 (1 votes)
“Bedroom Producers Blog releases BPB 64, a freeware Commodore 64 virtual synthesizer for Windows and macOS. BPB 64[...]
TRANSCR | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
822 Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (2 votes)
“TRANSCR is a multi-purpose polyphonic transcription plugin. Turn your acoustic instrument or voice into a MIDI co[...]
Flash | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
820 Views Rating: 4 /5 (1 votes)
“Free Transient Shaper Flash is a high quality transient shaper with M/S capabilities, clipping function to never [...]
Shape Lite 2 | Audio Plugins for Free

Shape Lite 2

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
816 Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (2 votes)
“Shape Lite 2 is a single stage waveshaper/wavefolder effect that makes a variety of sounds, from soft saturation [...]