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Satellite | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
2K Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (1 votes)
“Satellite by Mixed In Key is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows users to collaborate on audio projects within their[...]
Izotope Trash lite | Audio Plugins for Free

Izotope Trash l...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 2.5 /5 (2 votes)
Dive headfirst into the realm of distortion without spending a dime, thanks to Trash Lite. With its core distortion engi[...]
T.Rex 220E | Audio Plugins for Free

T.Rex 220E

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
2K Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
“T.Rex 220E is the new virtual instrument from Max Project. It consists of 12 drum sounds highest quality. 3 class[...]
Elemental Player | Audio Plugins for Free

Elemental Playe...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
2K Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
“Elemental Player Play professional, shareable, sample-based virtual instruments, created with Elemental Studio. H[...]
Slappy | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (2 votes)
“Create a smooth, classic, 50’s slapback delay effect on guitars, vocals, and drums with Slappy. Get Slaphappy C[...]
Frohmager | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 3.7 /5 (3 votes)
“Cult classic low pass resonant filter that retains and amplifies harmonics frequencies Now with modulation everyw[...]
DeeMute | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 3.8 /5 (2 votes)
“DeeMute can mute (or invert) audio triggered by MIDI notes. It can use it for a wide range of applications other [...]
Bad Tape | Audio Plugins for Free

Bad Tape

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (2 votes)
“Bad Tape offers producers a quick, simple way to envelop their tracks and mixes in the imperfect crackle, warmth,[...]
Place it | Audio Plugins for Free

Place it

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (2 votes)
The Place it plugin from Soundly Voice Designer garnered such an overwhelming response that we were compelled to create [...]
Rubber Bridge Plucks | Audio Plugins for Free

Rubber Bridge P...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (2 votes)
Rubber Bridge Plucks is an innovative audio plugin created by Jon Meyer, offering a unique sound by modifying an acousti[...]
SonoBus | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacLinuxiOSFree VSTAudioUnitAAXAndroid
2K Views Rating: 4 /5 (1 votes)
Stream Your Sounds Seamlessly with SonoBus Dive into the world of pristine audio streaming with SonoBus – your go-[...]
The Sword | Audio Plugins for Free

The Sword

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
867 Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (1 votes)
The Sword – the ultimate clean booster for your audio needs! Clean boosters merge tone shaping with amplification,[...]
Navia Harp Free | Audio Plugins for Free

Navia Harp Free

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
848 Views Rating: 2.5 /5 (3 votes)
Recorded in an orchestral setup at Monochrom Studio, Navia Harp Free boasts a luxurious sampled sound. The inclusion of [...]
Thump | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
812 Views Rating: 3 /5 (2 votes)
Thump: Enhance Your Audio with Powerful Sub-Harmonics Thump analyzes the pitch and dynamics of your audio input to drive[...]
Shape It | Audio plugins for free

Shape It

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
778 Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
Shape It, the new equalizer in Soundly, has become so popular that users demanded a standalone plugin for all editing so[...]
tube preamp | Audio Plugins for Free

tube preamp

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
685 Views Rating: 2.3 /5 (2 votes)
This free plugin offers a realistic tube preamp emulation, meticulously developed by Philipp Bulling as part of his thes[...]
Six-Traq | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
657 Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (3 votes)
The Six-Traq is a software instrument designed for Microsoft Windows (VST2/VST3/CLAP/AAX) and Apple macOS (VST2/VST3/CLA[...]
Airwindows Consolidated | Audio Plugins for Free

Airwindows Cons...

    WindowsMacLinuxFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
644 Views Rating: 4.7 /5 (3 votes)
For years, Chris from Airwindows has built an extensive library of nearly 400 DSP effects, all designed in a streamlined[...]
Moon-Echo | Audio plugins for free

Moon Echo

    WindowsMacLinuxiOSFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
331 Views Rating: 4 /5 (1 votes)
Explore the Dark Side of the Moon In their seventh collaboration with Berlin-based musician Hainbach, the developers of [...]
CITE | Audio plugins for free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
219 Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
CITE: Easy-to-Use High-Frequency Processor Elevate Your High-Mids and Highs! CITE is a fully custom-designed high-freque[...]
ML Drums | Audio plugins for free

ML Drums

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
109 Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
ML Drums aims to deliver an intuitive yet powerful virtual drum sampler that caters to both beginners and professionals.[...]