LUNA Digital Audio Workstation

LUNA Digital Audio Workstation | Audio Plugins for Free

Get your songs sounding like the records you love with LUNA – a next-generation DAW that makes it easy to record, edit, and mix your music. LUNA is the only recording software with the sound of classic studio equipment like analog console summing and tape machine emulations, built right in.

LUNA is available free to all Mac users – no UA hardware required.

  • Full unlimited version of LUNA
  • Oxide Tape Extension
  • Shape Toolkit Instrument
  • ARP Arpeggiator

A Truly Modern DAW

Capture the music in your head and get it to sound like the records you love, faster and with less hassle. Previously only available to UA Apollo customers, LUNA now lets any Mac owner produce with the DAW used by countless GRAMMY-winning musicians and mix engineers.

That Vintage Analog Sound

Yes, LUNA has a “sound” — the sound of a million-dollar analog recording studio. Experience a mix as if you were seated at a vintage console, complete with analog tape machines, built-in summing, and flexible mixing options. Expand your toolbox by adding your favorite UAD or UAD Spark plug-ins, Luna Extensions, or any Audio Units instruments and effects.

Designed for Unlimited Creativity

Create with unlimited tracks of audio and virtual instruments, easy-to-use composition tools, and intuitive editing. Use LUNA’s included templates to get started quickly or create your own custom templates that include all your favorite settings for instant recall.

No Engineering Degree Required

Anyone can get great sound in LUNA, no audio engineering chops necessary. Because all of the mixing magic of LUNA is tag and preset-driven, you can get to a faster starting place and dial in the perfect settings without a hundred windows killing your vibe. LUNA also includes hours of tutorials for those who want to dig deeper.

Start Fast, Share Fast

Import an AAF or drag and drop your multitracks to get started fast and hear the difference LUNA makes. Simple one-button session export makes it easy to share your songs and collaborate with others.

“It Just Sounds Better”

Users and critics agree that LUNA just sounds better. That’s because we put more than 70 years of UA analog expertise under the hood with LUNA Extensions. Want proof? Just check out the new bypass button to hear the difference LUNA makes in your mixes for yourself.

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