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“Loudness: the (FREE) Goodhertz plugin for making things louder — and quieter — with confidence & ease.

Key Features:

Smooth, Clean Volume Ramping:

  • Fully 64-bit processing and our specialized slewing algorithms, you can trust that Loudness is the finest volume control available: no clicks or pops, no added distortion.
  • Customizable fader glide times allow you to spend less time smoothing automation points manually. Up and down glide times can be set separately, which can be useful for manually automating drum hits, etc.

Comprehensive Metering:

  • With LUFS, RMS, Peak, & True Peak meters and three window types (Momentary, Short, & Long Term), you’ll always know exactly what’s happening in your track (and what’s already happened). Fader rides are quicker & easier because you can easily see where things might need adjustment.

Target Level Matching:

  • Set a target loudness level, hit “Apply,” and the fader snaps to the correct position, taking the guesswork out of hitting a target reference level. Open up the advanced page and hit “Apply Balance” and Loudness automatically adjusts the fine trims to perfectly balance the stereo field.

Extensive Stereo Control:

  • Mono sum, solo, mute, polarity, left/right fine trims are all available in the advanced pane.”

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