Line of Legends

“Line of Legends is a hip hop drum kit.

Line of Legends features high quality drum samples from the eponymous free sample pack released by

The interface is divided in 8 sections (Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap, Toms, Hi hat, Ride, Crash). Each section uses its own individual output for an easier handling in a productive environment:

  • 47 high quality samples.
  • 8 individual outputs.
  • Punch knobs for attack sculpting.
  • Release and Pan knobs (not labelled).”

Source : vst4free

5 Responses to “Line of Legends”

  1. like to try this plugin!!

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    want to try this plugin out

  3. Avatar jannie titus says:

    want to try this plugin out

  4. Avatar gang money says:

    How the fuck do you use this shit. Only the kick drums produce sound. There needs to be or tutorial, as of now this shit is retarded waste for everyone but the top 5% of frooty loop nerd bitches. It’s contrived. I don’t even care that your shit is free, just because it’s free doesn’t make this shit any less retarded. Someone tell me how the FUCK to make this shit work in reaper.

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