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“A collaboration between synthesizer designer Arthur Joly, DaHouse Audio and Kia (who make cars) move.ment uses the sounds of movement in nature to inspire you.

I don’t know if you keep up with the movers and shakers in the car industry but Kia has this thing going on about “movement that inspires”. They are moving on from being a car manufacturer into a brand that’s about mobility. That could be mobility in products but also in services, in emotions and in probably in life itself. Kia discovered that music is quite interesting, life-giving and inspiring and so wants a piece of that.

Creative scientist and futurist Katherine Lewis said:

We found that people were more creative when they had listened to the songs… you could see increased alpha and theta power, a coherence of brainwaves seen and increased connectivity, particularly connecting the occipital and frontal parts of the brain, where our emotional control center is situated, and the areas connected to increased creativity and flow states.

So, Kia decided to build a virtual instrument that harnesses the magic of science to inspire people to make music. This is done through pink noise; the sounds of movement around us in nature, or something like that, for instance, wind, forests, rain, flocks of birds all exhibit the sort of frequency range associated with the inverse spectrum/frequency relationship of pink noise. Then Kia suggests there are 4 neuroscientific parameters which vital to every composition. These are called BPM (ideally 120bpm), Harmonic Progressions, Melodic Intervals and Texture.”

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  1. Avatar tama says:

    Sadly kia erased the acces to this synth…

  2. Avatar bruh says:

    Bruh they took it down :(

    Anyone have a mirror?

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