Ice9 Automute

Ice9 Automute | Audio Plugins for Free

“Ice9 Automute is a free utility which protects your speakers, your ears, and your nerves from dangerously loud output levels. Ice9 Automute’s soft-muting function will begin to attenuate the gain before a single sample over the threshold has passed. Instantaneous radical attenuation will occur if the threshold is exceeded by a severe and potentially dangerous amount. Ice9’s soft muting uses Volt’s technology to let you know you’re over the limit in a gentle, pleasant manner, without the rude click which a hard mute-unmute would cause


  • Automatic Reset.
  • Adjustable Threshold.
  • Double Precision Internal Processing.
  • Soft or Instant Attenuation (depending on the severity of the overload) to mute using our Volt Technology.”

Source : Ceberus Audio

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