“HISE is a cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments.

HISE emphasizes on sampling, but includes some basic synthesis features for making hybrid instruments. You can build patches, design a custom interface and compile them as a VST / AU plug-in or iOS app.

HISE is available as Standalone application or as VST / AU plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.


Sampler engine:

  • fast disk streaming sampler engine using memory mapped files.
  • Import SFZ files, Mach5 files or AIFFs with metadata from Keymap Pro.
  • File name parser for automapping samples.
  • multi mic sample support (with purging of single mic channels).
  • looping with crossfades.
  • sample start modulation.
  • crossfade between samples for dynamic sustain samples.
  • customizable voice start behaviour.
  • regex parser for mapping samples.
  • custom monolith file format for faster loading times.
  • switch sample mappings dynamically.


  • complex modulation architecture for nested modulation of common parameters.
  • includes the most common modulators (LFO, envelopes).

Audio Effects:

  • fast convolution reverb.
  • filters / eq.
  • phaser / chorus.
  • delay / reverb.

JavaScript interpreter:

  • superset of JavaScript built for real time usage (no allocations, low overhead function calls).
  • write MIDI processing scripts.
  • change voice properties (volume & pitch).
  • create plugin interfaces with a WYSIWYG editor.
  • built in IDE features (autocomplete / API reference, variable watch, console debugging).
  • combine DSP routines for custom effects.

C / C++ compiler:

  • embedded C JIT compiler for fast prototyping of DSP routines (based on TinyCC).
  • API for adding DSP modules via dynamic libraries.
  • one click C++ build system for building VST / AU / AAX plugins (based on JUCE) from within HISE (using msbuild / xcodebuild).


  • GPL v3 or a commercial licence for closed source usage.
  • HISE is based on JUCE, which must be separately licensed.”

Sources :

Hise: http://hise.audio
kvraudio.com: http://www.kvraudio.com/product/hise---hart-instruments-sampler-engine-by-hart-instruments

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