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“BPB proudly presents Grooove BPB, a freeware drum sampler in VST2, VST3 and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac, crafted by brunsandspork. Grooove BPB is based on the full version of Grooove and is released as a gift for all BPB readers!

 Grooove BPB is a virtual drum sampler instrument, based on the excellent Grooove plugin by brunsandspork. This brilliant drum sampler puts an emphasis on playability and expressiveness, making sampled drums sound as dynamic and life-like as possible with easily accessible modulation controls.

This unique drum sampler features dual drum slots (6 in Grooove BPB, 128 in Grooove), each capable of holding two different drum samples simultaneously, with per-sample controls for volume, pan, pitch, sample start and length. Each drum slot also comes with a built-in LFO for modulating the filter cutoff and resonance, volume, pan, mix, pitch, sample delay, fade in/out, and sample start/end times.

All of these parameters can also be modulated via MIDI note velocity, which is the key to how Grooove makes sampled drums sound “alive”. Simply add a bit of velocity modulation to your snare sample’s filter cutoff and it will sound more muffled at lower velocities, just like a real drum!”

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