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“Cult classic low pass resonant filter that retains and amplifies harmonics frequencies
Now with modulation everywhere, including ADSR, Enveloppe Follower, both classic and unique LFO that can also modulate one another.
Unique Macros² system allows for unprecedented live expression and fast presets exploration!
Slick, carefully crafted User Interface with handy knobs, fast navigation and a good read of the action.
Released in 2001 and maintained for 20 years, Frohmage filter has from the beginning been an insanely popular free filter with millions of cumulated download. As we’re creating a new platform for our plugins, Frohmage was high on our list of things to bring to the world. Enriched with a modulation matrix that leaves nothing to desire, and our brand new Macros? system, it’s now more than
Frohmage. It’s Frohmager.”

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