Freequel Bundle: Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, Ruina

Freequel Bundle | Audio plugins for free

“Noise Engineering’s Freequel Bundle is here. Two powerful synths and a mind-blowing distortion, FREE!

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Sinc Vereor + Virt Vereor: Intuitive yet powerful synthesizers

Sinc Vereor’s intuitive and inviting controls belie the power of this lightweight synthesizer. Loosely based on Noise Engineering’s beloved Eurorack module Sinc Iter, the wavemorphing/wavefolding Tone control makes sound design a breeze. Blend between familiar waveforms like saw, triangle, and square. Super mode adds 6 phase-offset oscillators. Use Noise mode to generate self-similar noise for percussion, effects, and more.

Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer based on a unique set of synthesis algorithms. Bass is a quadrature algorithm described in Bernie Hutchins’ seminal series Electronotes. Sawx is a supersaw-inspired beast. Harm is an additive algorithm with spectral control and distortion of partials. Virt Vereor makes a tremendous amount of unique sounds with an immediate and usable interface.

We’ve paired these synth oscillator sections with Vereor, our easily manipulated dynamics section using an ADSR envelope controlling a variable slope and analog-inspired multimode gate/filter. Add to that a vintage-inspired chorus and a library of presets, and these synths will astound with their versatility and modern synthesis techniques.

Ruina: Versatile stereo multi-distortion with wavefolding, octavizing, phase shifting, multiband saturation, filtering, and DOOM

Ruina is a creative stereo distortion plugin built on digital distortion algorithms: no emulations here. Intuitive and fully automatable controls make it easy to get a gentle, nuanced color, to obliterate a signal, or to dial in anything in between. Don’t feel like tweaking the parameters? Ruina comes with tons of presets to fit any need. With seven distortion types, it’s easy to turn your sounds into something new and unique with Ruina.

Run any sound through Ruina for warm, lush distortion, or crank the sliders to unleash complete destruction. We love Ruina with vocals, percussion, synths, strings, and of course guitars. You name it, it sounds great with Ruina.

Grab the Freequel Bundle now! Free at the NE Customer Portal. Available in AAX, AU, and VST3.”

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