Fathom Mono

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“The monophonic version of our synth is always free.

It is fully functional and does not contain any audio interruptions, splash screens or pop-up reminders of any kind.

The download includes the latest monophonic VST Plugin for Windows 32, 64 and the Mac OSX Audio Units and VST.



Free-hand and Bezier curve Wave Drawing, WAV Single Cycle Import/Export.

7 Types of Oscillators + AM/FM, 8 Detune Voices, Noise and Distortion.

7 Effects including Two Chorus, Two Reverb, 3 Channel Digital Delay, 8 Channel Phaser, Mixer.

9 Modulators including ADSR, Drawable LFO, Multi-Segment Envelope, Sequencer, Random.

Envelope Segments include Line, Exponential, Bezier, Double Bezier, Non-Linear Sin.

16  x 16 Wave Table with Morph, Add, Subtract, Phase/Pulse Width Modulation and 3D graphs.

33 Types of Filters.

Continuously Resizable GUI.

User color picker for all graph lines and fills.

18 Background images assignable to any panel on the interface.”


Source : fathomsynth.com

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