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“EZ Plucker is the new Subtractive Synthesizer specifically made for easy Trance Chord Pluck,Arp Pluck,Bass,Pad and Leads. EZ Plucker is 100 % FREE Subtractive Win 32bit VST synthesizer plugins from RDGAudio. 16 +16 total 32 voice polyphony Subtractive Synthesizer. It has 36 different OSC types. Loading of EZ Plucker does not take too long and doesn’t consume *heavy CPU. Separate Unison Engine with separate Filter Envelopes. OSC A & OSC B goes to Amp Env,Filter and Pitch Env. OSC A+ OSC B, Sub and Noise OSC has conceal routing bus. Sliders and Rotary type ADSR controllers. Built in LFO A & LFO B. EZ Plucker has built in RDGAudio’s famous Sidechainer fx. Effects rack has Phaser,EQ,Reverb,Delay and SideChain effect.

EZ Plucker is our old compiled VST. We created the VST in 2015 but we are bringing it to you in 2017. We tested the plugins from different DJs,EDM and Trance producers. Hence EZ Plucker is built for mainly Trance, we focused mainly on SAW waveform. We have emulated different SAW from different hardware synths. If you find or search you will end up with different VST synthesizers. Many of them are expensive. That’s why we will keep our EZ Plucker FREE!!  We created this VST mainly for Trance music. We are hoping our EZ Plucker will help you to make music, specially who are new,hobbyist and students. RDGAudio is an India based VST & AU plugins company.Hope you will love our creativity.

We know 32bit VST is out dated. But sorry,that VST compiler could deliver only 32bit VST. We are happy to announce you that we are now making AU,VST32-64,VST3 and Mac VST. Right now we are using actual VST programming not just using graphical programming software to compile 32bit VST.

We will make EZ Plucker in AU,Mac VST & Win 32-64bit format.May be in future.

  • 100 % Free Subtractive Synthesizer
  • Over 30 different OSC types
  • 16+16 total 32 voice polyphony
  • OSC A & OSC B has different OSC types
  • Sub and Noise Osc
  • OSC A+ OSC B, Sub and Noise OSC has conceal routing bus
  • LFO A & B
  • Amp Env,Filter Env,Pitch Env
  • Separate Unison engine
  • Unison OSC has separate routing filter env bus
  • Built in RDGAudio’s famous SideChainer plugins
  • Built in Phaser,EQ,Delay,Reverb and SideChain FX
  • Some Osc has been emulated from Moog, Access Virus and Roland Synth
  • *All major DAW Supported
  • Parameters can be automated inside any host
  • Plugin format VST 32 bit
  • Supported OS: Windows 32 or 64 bit
  • Windows XP Sp2 and beyond,Vista,7,8,10

* Using it’s builtin Reverb,Delay may consume enough CPU.

System Requirements

Graphics Card 1GB (2 GB recommended)

RAM 2 GB (4 GB recommended)

Intel or AMD CPU

ASIO driver and audio interface”

Source : rdgaudio.com

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