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Ideal for newcomers, ExtraBold is crafted using classic subtractive synthesis, featuring three potent oscillators and a versatile multi-mode filter. Its streamlined design and straightforward single-page interface make navigating its sonic capabilities effortless. Notably, the interface presents four LFOs, essential for crafting complex sounds that modify the oscillators’ pitch and timbre along with the filter.

ExtraBold prioritizes specific modulations to guide you in creating iconic sounds, rather than offering open-ended modulation routing. Adding the finishing touches, ExtraBold includes three effects slots that can host a variety of effects, adjustable via the mod wheel for dynamic live performances. The available effects include delay, reverb, tone shaping, chorus, and distortion.

ExtraBold ensures optimal performance by automatically detecting your CPU’s capabilities and selecting the most efficient code. It supports a broad range of Intel processors—from over a decade old to the most recent Apple Silicon chips—ensuring it performs smoothly regardless of your system.

ExtraBold is at the forefront with its adoption of the CLAP plugin format, designed for extensibility. If both the plugin and your DAW support certain extensions, you’ll unlock advanced capabilities like polyphonic modulation and more.

Product features:

  • Three subtractive oscillators
  • Two types of diode ladder and comb filters
  • Filter FM and hard sync options
  • Two ADSR envelopes and four LFOs with selectable waveforms
  • Fixed modulation pathways
  • Five categories of effect modules and three slots for effects
  • Global unison across five modes and 64 preset patches
  • Customizable interface skin and MTS-ESP tuning compatibility

System requirements:

  • 100 MB of disk space
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Compatible with 64-bit processors from Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon
  • Requires MIDI input and audio output for standalone use

Supported platforms:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7 64-bit or newer, macOS 10.14-13, X11/Linux with glibc 2.22 or newer
  • Host compatibility: CLAP, Audio Unit (macOS), FL Studio native

ExtraBold is not just an instrument, but a robust tool designed to meet the needs of today’s musicians and producers.

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Source : nakst.gitlab.io

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