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“Europa on the web – Propellerhead’s amazingly powerful spectral wavetable synthesizer, now playing in your web browser!

To play, click the on-screen keyboard or hook up a MIDI keyboard to your computer (using a MIDI keyboard requires Google Chrome). To use Europa in your own music, download the VST/AU-version or install Reason.

Help :  These help notes – that appear when you hover over a section of the synth – are for those who are new to Europa, and even to synths in general. l.

About sound :  Some aspects of sound are dependent on your equipment. If playing feels sluggish, that probably has to do with the sound capabilities of your computer. If you hear crackles or glitches, that’s because your web browser or your computer isn’t fast enough. We are using cutting edge technology from Google to make this happen, but it’s still early days.You will see much better performance from the VST/AU version and of Europa in Reason.

  • Get great sounds quickly with Europa’s three spectral wavetable engines
  • Access 30+ engine models and wavetables, 24 filter types, advanced modulation and powerful effects
  • Load your own samples for limitless sound design possibilities
  • Twist and morph waveforms into complex, dynamic soundscapes
  • Make music with 500+ presets from leading sound designers”

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