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Endless is a reverberation plugin designed around an innovative algorithm that echoes traits of a vocoder, employing granular synthesis to stretch the frequency details of the input sound across time. This tool also has the capability to alter and shift frequency elements, enabling the production of spectral effects unattainable with conventional reverb tools. Although its user interface aims for simplicity, let’s dive into the control features: Within the ROOM category, you’ll find:

  • Length: This controls the duration of the reverb, equivalent to the decay period of the spectral elements.
  • Granular: This determines the timeframe for gathering frequency information, which is then cyclically reproduced as it fades. Shorter settings offer a less traditional reverb sound, offering unique effects, whereas longer settings provide a smoother response but with a delayed reaction to brief signals.
  • Predelay: This sets the delay before the onset of the reverb tail.

Moving on to the SOUND section, it includes:

  • Low cut: A filter to reduce lower frequencies in the reverb tail.
  • High cut: A corresponding filter to attenuate higher frequencies.
  • Damping: The intensity at which these filters affect the reverb tail.
  • Width: Adjusts the stereo breadth of the reverb tail.

The SFX (special effects) segment houses:

  • Sparkle: Introduces additional tones at higher harmonics of the input, perfect for creating ethereal textures.
  • Sparkle sound: Alters the prominence of these higher harmonics.
  • Detune: Blurs the frequency spectrum.
  • Detune shift: Gradually moves the entire frequency spectrum up or down.

Lastly, standard wet and dry controls, an A/B knob for quick comparison between two settings, and a Copy button to transfer settings from one state to the other, are included. A bypass switch is also present, functioning as you would expect.

Source : ddmf.eu

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