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“The Elsita-V: a soviet machine emulation!

The Elsita is a soviet analog machine produced from 1989 until 1991, when RMIF went bankrupt. Although being released in a pretty late period, the Elsita was built following old standards from the mid 70’s/early 80’s : fully analog (as you can see on the picture), trigger-only, with big knobs.

The Elsita has 4 channels, which are not perfectly identical, at least on my model. It sounds more like a A/B/A/B disposition (As the colors suggest actually), but they all have the same parameters. Check the oscilloscope snapshot at the back of the page!

Sadly there is an issue with the chan. 2/4 generators, the sound generating process I was using created a slight delay. I replaced it with a chan. 1/3 generator, so all the sounds are identical on the actual version (1.1). I hope to fix this very soon and bring back the little waveform difference as there should have been!

With the emulation I added a folder containing various sounds I made with the original machine, so that you can play with original sounds, or with more versatile, clean sounds from my VST :)”

Source : digitalsystemic

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