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“EchoMatrix is my entry for the KVR Developer Challenge 2021 contest designed to highlight the power of the Faust DSP development environment and the JUCE framework to create a non-trivial effect VST3 in about one page of Faust DSP code.

The resulting EchoMatrix as exported to JUCE and compiled is a VST3 (and AU) effect that provides a 6 delays that can be modulated and are connected by a feedback “echo” matrix.

A “complete” input, feedback, and output mixer matrix of 6 delays and 2 channel input and output are provided so that:

  • Inputs can be assigned to any delay at any volume.
  • Delay output can be sent to any delay input (introducing extra delay or feedback).
  • Delay output can be sent to either output channel at any volume, (so it can pan anywhere in the stereo field).

Delay controls are provided so that:

  • Delays can be assigned a delay time.
  • Delays can be modulated by a morphing wave shape with a variable frequency and modulation amount.

This allows flexibility in creating any feedback pattern that you can dream of.

This is a little complex to use, so definitely read the GitHub page at the: ImprovOid Github

The initial version has NO presets. This provides NO immediate gratification. I really hope that you take a little time reading the GitHub page and try some of the suggested simple settings. I really wanted to get presets into this thing and it will happen. If anyone wants to assist, please contact me.

Simple Stereo Delay

Use the first two delay units (U0, U1) and feed them back into themselves. Input into the delays from left(U6) and right(U7) Output from the delays (U0, U1) and inputs (U6, U7) into left(U6) and right(U7) You can vary the delay times, or add a little modulation to add some width.

Delays Tab:

  • DT U0: 250 msec.
  • DT U1: 250 msec.

MatrixMixer Tab:

  • U0 to U0: 0.5.
  • U1 to U1: 0.5.
  • U6 to U0: 1.0.
  • U7 to U1: 1.0.
  • U0 to U6: 0.75.
  • U1 to U7: 0.75.
  • U6 to U6: 0.75.
  • U7 to U7: 0.75.”

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