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Dynamension: Creative Dynamic Processor for Windows VST3 (64-bit)

Dynamension is a groundbreaking dynamic processor that redefines the conventional structure of compressors and expanders. It allows you to creatively route the main path, side chain, and gain controls with various effects. Whether you’ve dreamed of controlling delay time with the momentary loudness of your track or simply want to add a new compressor to your collection, Dynamension is the perfect tool.


  • Compressor, Gate, and Expander
  • Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Delay
  • Peak, RMS, and Momentary Loudness Detector
  • Modular main path and side chain
  • High-Quality Hard-Knee Limiter
  • Mid/Side Option

Technical Details:

  • Made with SynthEdit
  • Compatible with Windows VST3 (64-bit)

Discover new creative possibilities with Dynamension, the innovative dynamic processor designed for modern music production.

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