Drum Pro

“Drum Pro comes with 20 drum kits and the sounds of 9 vintage rhythms boxes (including TR-808 and TR-909). Each element is mapped to a virtual pad, controlled externally from your MIDI keyboard or drum pad, and has its separate volume and pan settings. You can also adjust the attack, decay, sustain, release and overall volume and reverb is integrated.

Drum Pro is free, you can then complete the audio collection with pay for expansion packs, but you already have enough to spend a good time.

Drum Pro is a plug-in VST and AU for Windows and Mac OS X 32 and 64 bit”

Source : studiolinked.com

4 Responses to “Drum Pro”

  1. Avatar Ralf says:

    Same Problem here.
    In Ventura (M1 + Logic Pro X) it is not working and there seems to be no message at all.

  2. Avatar Remo Fiore says:

    I downloaded Drum Pro today and am trying to open it in Logic Pro 10.7.6
    On a MacBook Pro M1
    Mac OS Monterey Version 12.6.3
    When I launch Logic It says that Drum Pro Cannot be opened because Mac cannot determine if it is a free component or Malware.
    How can resolve this problem…?

    • Avatar H8 says:

      I have the same problem, done a bunch of tracks on a Intel Mac before it died, and then bought a M1 Pro and when I installed drum pro on it, logic couldn’t see it and my tracks are now on hold. Emailed studio linked several times and got no answer.

      Moral of the story peeps, Bounce to AUDIO!



  3. Avatar Mark Murphy says:

    Is the percussion map General MIDI?
    I’m having trouble using this in Finale 25

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