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“DirtyPumper is an extreme saturator that punishes a mix. It was designed with drum processing in mind, but it can easily saturate anything you’d like. Features:

  • Dirt: Shapes the sound and pushes it to its limits – warps harmonics and stability
  • Drive: Increases the input gain and other internal parameters
  • Lowpass: Applies a lowpass filter to the input signal – helps emulate warmer sounds
  • Pos / Neg knobs: Affects the positive and negative amplitudes’

Mac versions weren’t notarized, so they didn’t work on some people’s computers. We’re actively working on fixing the issue, thanks!

Mac versions should be fixed, thank you for your patience!

They weren’t – some people were running into playback issues with the AU version. This should be fixed now, thank you for your patience!

This was an interesting release on my end regarding supporting Apple products, and it was helpful so future products work perfectly the first time. Thanks! :)

Fixed some graphics errors that resulted in a crash. I can now say that I properly know how to release to Mac and can say that future products will be much more streamlined – thanks for your support. (Mac is now officially supported).”

Source : patreon.com

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