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Direct Approach AllPlugins Bundle | Audio Plugins for Free

Direct Approach is a developer that in recent years has released several audio processing plugins, mostly focused on mixing and mastering tasks that stand out, according to their users, for their transparency and for their ability to offer additional control of audio processing processes. dynamic through automation. Now, and without giving more details about the reason for this decision, its person in charge (or persons in charge) has decided to download their work for free with the option of also receiving voluntary donations from those who want to do so. In total we are talking about ten varied plugins with a clear predominance of dynamic tools. Below I will tell you about some of them.

  • SpecTrend: Analyzer that shows the RMS spectral content of the track contrasted with a spectrum of pink noise that helps to see the spectral balance of the mix.
  • CompPlus: Articulation control compression tool that helps adjust the gain at the end of musical words and phrases. Includes automation options.
  • LimitX: Very transparent limiter that controls peaks by adjusting the waveform proportionally as it approaches threshold, but keeping the rest of the signal intact.
  • DLA: Transparent delay effect with feedback, low-pass filter, and independent delay controls for each channel.
  • DASR: De -esser processor with automation options.

BoostX, Snap!, PanPlus, HiLoPass and Dip complete the list. All of them with simple interfaces but with efficient consumption and results, in my opinion, worthy of giving them at least one chance . I have tested them on a Mac Mini with an M1 processor and they work perfectly in their VST3 version, demanding very few resources (even with Rosetta involved). Unfortunately, the developer has not confirmed that there will be native versions of the plugins for Apple Silicon processors. Although I can’t assure you that it won’t be like that either.

Plugins can be downloaded for free (developer accepts donations) from the Direct Approach website. No registration or personal data required .

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