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“Danaides is a sequenced sound mangler with a powerful modulation section.

It gives you the ability to route the input signal through a filter and three sound destruction effect processors : a “driller” that will loop and repitch very small slices of the signal, a “metalizer” delay and a samplerate reducer.

With the built-in effect and dry-wet sequencers, you can generate various tempo-synced effect phrases and modulate the overall depth of the effect.

Danaides includes a powerful LFO section with flexible routing and waveform morph.

Additional features include the ability to resize the plugin interface to fit your display (Windows and OS X only), share your presets between plugin formats and platforms, map your MIDI controller easily using the built-in MIDI learn system, trigger presets using MIDI program changes, as well as a TouchOSC layout to give you instant MIDI control of all the parameters.

Danaides comes loaded with a nice selection of presets from great sound designers and artists IVO IVANOV, ABSTRACT CATS and DAED.

Features :

  • 3 sound mangling effects : “driller”, “metalizer” and “reducer”.
  • 1 pre-filter with mode morph (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass).
  • effect selection sequencer.
  • dry-wet sequencer.
  • 2 Morph LFOs with 2 sub-LFOs each.
  • host tempo sync for the LFOs.
  • modulation inputs for each effect/filter parameters.
  • sequence randomizers.
  • global randomizer.
  • MIDI learn.
  • MIDI program change support.
  • MIDI layout for TouchOSC on IPad.
  • Vector based resizable User Interface (resizing only on Windows and OS X).
  • Cross-platform presets.
  • 61 factory presets.
  • Use the key 59PNP85612194284628307097 to unlock the demo version.”

Source : kvraudio.com

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