Cyanide 2.0

“Operation of the shaper: you can add points to the graph by clicking in an empty space. Changing the location of a point can be done by clicking and draging it. Notice how points cannot be dragged further than the next point, nor can they be dragged before the previous one. The point at the begin and at the end cannot be moved horizontaly, only verticaly. And, finaly, points can be deleted by right-clicking them.”


  • Graphical wave shaper.
  • Pre/Post LP/HP filter.
  • 16x Oversampling option.
  • Output preview.
  • Wet/Dry mix.”

Sources :

Smart Electronix:

2 Responses to “Cyanide 2.0”

  1. Avatar Yaaalaaah says:

    Best plugin I love it more pleas

  2. Avatar sirisO says:

    That site doesn’t exist. There are in fact numerous plugin/site links that are invalid on audiopluginsforfree.