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“The Convology XT comes with 70 built-in Vintage Reverb Impulse Response files.

Mostly, the Convology gives you gear-oriented impulse responses, rather than rooms and other places. But you can always download free halls and chambers IRs. You can also buy the additional parts of the Convology library, which total 2965 files. Among those are sampled amplifiers, all kinds of springs and DSPs, tape delays, and many more. Additionally, you can import your own 4-channel WAVIAIF true stereo Impulse Response files.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Spectrum: This plugin offers you two strings of 11-band EQ to fine-tune your impulse responses. The upper string of bands works like a regular equalizer with fixed bands. Pull them up or down to change the sound. The twist, however, lies on the lower string. This gives you eleven bands to change the IRs algorithm, changing the sound at its source. This feature is unbelievable for a free plugin and makes Convology one of the best convolution reverbs there are.
  • Time Display: This is the graph commonly found in most convolution reverb plugins. It shows the impulse response’s waveform, measured in dB and seconds. You can edit the waveform by adjusting the pre-delay on the Start knob and the Attack, Hold, and Release.
  • Bottom Panel: You’ll use the controls here to manipulate the reverb. You can reverse, control the impulse response’s gain, add modulation, and make the tail longer. Additionally, you can adjust the predelay and even manage the width of the reverb sound.
  • Fast File Browsing: Convology’s greatest feature is the Library, in which you can quickly navigate.
    The plugin lets you select Impulse Responses on the fly while listening to the input material being
    processed in real-time. This feature is excellent for quick comparisons between files, which helps the user choose the best preset instead of waste a long time tweaking every parameter.
  • Freebie Fridays: If you subscribe to Impulse Record YouTube Channel, you’ll receive free vintage gear impulse responses every week!

    Character & Sound:

    Other than its library, the Convology XT doesn’t offer any uncommon parameters. It relies on the sampled gear’s original tones and character to build its sound. And because the samples are faithful recordings of vintage gear, the plugin offers no emulated analog features that would distort the original’s sound.


    Convology XT is available in AAX, AU, and VST formats for Mac and Windows.


    This is an excellent plugin with high-quality samples, even if it doesn’t allow very flexible results. It solves the problem some plugins pose regarding file browsing, and the analog sample collection is astounding. It’s a worthy addition to your collection if you’re into classic gear.”

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