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Capture every creative spark with Charlatan, a virtual analog (VA) synthesizer that prioritizes pristine sound and effortless operation. Its streamlined interface ensures it fits seamlessly into your swift production process, while its robust yet approachable synthesis engine invites deeper exploration into the nuances of sound design. Charlatan is not just a synthesizer—it’s a versatile musical companion that intuitively aligns with your creative flow.

**Key Features Include:**

– Twin oscillators per voice, featuring customizable waveforms and versatile modulation options including Phase Modulation, Linear Frequency Modulation, Ring Modulation, windowed hard sync, and a noise generator.
– Support for up to seven unison voices per oscillator.
– Dual filters per voice offering a variety of types such as 4-pole ladder LP/HP/BP, Acid LP, 2-pole Sallen-Key LP/HP/BP, Notch, and Comb.
– Adjustable filter routing configurations including serial, parallel, and dual setups.
– Four modulators that can function as either LFOs or envelope generators, featuring fully customizable shapes.
– Four Modulation Transformers (XFORM) that reshape any control signal based on user-defined mappings.
– Flexible drag-and-drop for precision modulation signal routing.
– A high-quality effects suite with Distortion, Phaser, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, and EQ.
– Exceptionally low CPU and RAM demands.
– Internal 2x oversampling available.
– User-friendly preset browser.
– Compatible across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, VST3, and CLAP.
– Absolutely free to use.

With Charlatan, your music production is bound only by the limits of your imagination, not your software.

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