“CamelCrusher is a free ‘colouring’ multi-effect plugin. It offers two characteristically different distortion sounds which can be blended together to create a wide variety of tones and textures. Great for guitars, drums and plenty more!

There’s also a warm, smooth analogue-style low-pass filter with buckets of resonance. Assign a MIDI controller and start tweaking!

Finally, let’s not forget the easiest-to-use compressor you’ll find anywhere. It can ‘phatten’ up your sound as quickly as you can turn up the ‘Amount’ knob! Find out more in the manual.

Best of all, CamelCrusher is available free of charge!


  • Two different distortion types.
  • Warm, analogue-modelled resonant low-pass filter.
  • High quality, easy-to-use compressor, with ‘Phat’ mode.
  • Powerful ‘MIDI Learn’ function.
  • A collection of useful Preset patches to get you started.
  • Randomize for instant inspiration.”

Source : Camel Audio

39 Responses to “CamelCrusher”

  1. VK says:

    No gui on mac m1. WTF!!??

  2. Ambtions Recoil says:


  3. badis says:

    need this vst :)

  4. jaejune1457 says:


  5. jaejune1457 says:


  6. Mike Halloran says:

    From the comments, I can tell that this has a 32 bit Carbon GUI. Without 32Lives ($99.95), you won’t be able to use it in OS 10.8–10.12. Carbon support dropped completely in High Sierra so it can’t be used in OS 10.13 even with 32Lives.

    • Spettro says:

      this explains why ableton is crashing now after I updated to 10.13. im not sure i can live well without camelspace. oh boy

  7. Anonimo Figaro says:

    Nice !

  8. AMANI YUSUPH says:


  9. Sagu Merah says:


  10. Bobby Jones says:

    Can someone explain to me how to install this for logic pro on a mac?

    • Ancelmo Jason Neto says:

      have u been able to figure it out?? ple

      • Genesis Barrios says:

        you drag the files into the folder. so you go to library-> audio-> plugins-> and then whatever folder it should be in. if its a component file it goes in component. if its au in goes in au

  11. Edgar Woodhall-Wright says:

    the problem people could be having is the you are working in a 64 bit DAW whereas this plug-in is 32 bit. Thankfully there are some applications that bridge between the 32 plugin and the 64 DAW

  12. ATGengineer says:

    Can anyone explain how to get it running in pro tools. I’m using a mac with the latest version of pro tools. I’ve installed it but it doesn’t show up in my plugins.

  13. Richard Cheese says:

    I’m the cameltoe crusher, amateurs fold unda pressure.

  14. Shrekfuckdurmom says:

    i like tube distortion

  15. Dannis Fdwadfas says:

    Doesn’t work for me, when i have dowloaded it, and press for the installation to start, nothing shows up….?

    • Skippy Gonzales says:

      Just wait a few it takes time for the page to load

    • Michael says:

      Are you on a Mac?

      Same thing happened for me, but it showed up under ‘devices’ in Finder and I had to double click it to open the installer. Everything went fine after that.

  16. Un Hermoso Senpai says:

    Is Full?

  17. jonnatan says:

    hi, It didn’t work when im gonna unzipe it and install it says that the file doesn’t exist even when i got the file, so i think the file has something wrong

  18. Deso MOK says:

    thx du scheiss hurensohn

  19. Gabe says:

    can this also be used for adding your own vocals to a beat that you like from a song??

  20. Mau Black Kamber says:

    Super like