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Experience the Essence of Retro Synthesis with Behringer VINTAGE

Unlock the secrets of classic and virtual analog synthesis with the Behringer VINTAGE. Originally valued at $99, this powerhouse is now available for free. By downloading, you also support the Playing for Change Foundation, which promotes music education worldwide.

Revive the Sounds of the Golden Era Behringer VINTAGE encapsulates the quintessential synth sounds that defined the 70s and 80s. With comprehensive features at your fingertips, crafting those lush, vintage tones has never been easier.

Dive Into a Rich Library of Sounds Explore over 100 presets that span both timeless and contemporary tones, many of which you’ll recognize from iconic tracks across decades.

Broad Compatibility Ensures Seamless Integration The VINTAGE synthesizer is compatible with:

  • Windows 10 and above
  • MacOS 10.13 and above
  • Supports VST3 and AU V2 formats

Empower Through Music Though the VINTAGE synthesizer holds a market value of $99, Berhringer offer it at no cost to encourage donations to music education for underprivileged children. Consider contributing to this noble cause by making a donation.

Technical Excellence in Virtual Analog Synthesis The VINTAGE synthesizer boasts a meticulously modeled engine inspired by legendary analog synths, featuring:

  • Dual oscillators with hard sync, offering a variety of waveforms like sine, square, saw, noise, and sub-oscillator.
  • Two dynamic filters with options for 12/24 dB low, high, band-pass, notch, and formant filtering, along with customizable drive curves for enriched harmonic textures.
  • Integrated ADSR controls for filters, enhancing playability and sound design flexibility.
  • A noise generator with a color knob to adjust the low-pass cutoff, tailoring the noise to your taste.
  • After the filters, dual amplitude modules provide precise control over panning and leveling, each with its own ADSR envelope.
  • Dual LFOs enable deep modulation possibilities for oscillators, filters, and amplifiers, complete with adjustments for rate, attack, delay, retrig, and waveform selection.

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