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“Basslane is the improved version of the original freeware classic used in countless productions to control the stereo width of low frequencies on tracks and mixes.

It’s a handy utility that allows you to narrow the stereo width of frequencies below a defined threshold. The unique Side Harmonics feature adopted from Basslane Pro allows you to inject upper bass harmonics to add definition and pseudo bass width without problematic stereo content in the subs. The easy-to-use interface combines helpful metering and flexible monitoring for precise fine-tuning.


Key Features

New & Improved

The updated version of Basslane adds support for both Windows and Mac (with native Apple Silicon support) and introduces new features. The unique Side Harmonics feature adopted from Basslane Pro adds upper harmonics to the side channel based on the mono’ed low-end. This allows you to create stereo width that is musically related to the bass without adding problematic stereo in the subs. The updated user interface provides helpful stereo balance and correlation metering.

A Tighter Mix

Regain tightness in the bottom of your mix by keeping low frequencies from kick drums, bass lines and other tracks centered in the stereo field. Stereo synth patches, drum tracks mixed from multiple sources, or tracks with delay, reverb etc will often result in a “muddy” mix if the low end is too wide. Just drop Basslane on the track and tuck in the bass as much as you like.

Be creative

Experiment with stereo effects on tracks without worrying about losing definition and focus in the bass region. By inserting Basslane as the last effect in the chain you can stack all the wild effects you like on the track, knowing that Basslane will keep the low end under control.

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