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“Azimuth is a VA/WT Synth that lets you quickly dial in the sound you need, its flexible layout allows quick editing with simple changes on the fly. Combine VA (Virtual Analog) Synthesis with WT (Wavetable) running through various user controlled LFO and Envelopes, finally hitting the Master FX section for enlighting results.

The XYPad lets you have your own unique twist by blending between sounds and even letting you record your own inputs & playing this back at your host tempo.

Simple in design, but powerful by sound!


XY Pad

The 4 main OSC based voices utilize a flexible X/Y Pad assigned to volume. The gain profiles used in the X/Y Pad have been extensively trialed to assure musical and useful results wherever the end user positions the X/Y Pad cross-hairs.  The X/Y Pad lets you record your own play-back system that includes, pattern re triggering, pattern speed settings and pattern playback direction, Alternatively you can use Key(note) and Velocity values to modulate the X/Y Position.

VA or WT?

We added the option to choose between 4 standard OSC, Saw, Triangle, Square & Sine, moreover you can choose to opt into the WT (wavetable) category and modulate or self point the position you like for even more non-uniform sound styles of your choice.

4 Glorious Master Effects

Azimuth comes with 4 fixed master effects, Phaser, 3-point EQ, Convolution reverb & delay. – these are your stepping stone and your finishing tools for your own sound design.

  • 6 Voice VA/WT Synth
  • XY pad for flexable sound design
  • 4 Master FXs
  • Multi mode filters & LFOs
  • 8 Unison engine per each voice
  • Clear and clean layout


Filter & LFOS

To each sound you can choose to apply the filter or not, Filter 1, can be selected on any sound source, while filter 2 is Global!. – The Filter LFOs can enhance this further if you do wish, and pitch LFO can self modulate the sound for you


Whilst there are plenty of presets available, we however encourage you to dip in an be creative, its super easy! Fun, and much simpler than you think!…


Plug-in formats:

Windows: VST3 – 64 Bit
Mac: AU & VST3 – 64 Bit


No iLok / Dongle Needed

System Requirements:

“Windows” 7,8,10 or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
“Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
macOS Catalina / Big Sur Ready / Mac M1 Native”

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