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“A simple piano? No, that’s boring. Get ready for some unique sounds!

  • 1855 Broken and dissonant Pleyel Piano

  • About 30 Mo of samples (Recorded in .wav 48 Khz 16 bits)

  • Slightly re-tuned to be able to play with other instruments but keeping dissonant.


Purple Six Beats: Love this vst, dark and creepy sound. :)

Jungle Jezebel: Lovely sounding dissonant piano. Can’t help thinking someone’s going to make a weird but cool House tune with it. Thanks a lot to the developer, cool instrument maaaan!

Acialist: This does exactly what is says it should do and it sounds really wonderful. Thanks for making this.


  • 1st October 2018: Awesome Piano 1.00

      1. First official release”

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