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“Automat is a virtual analog Audio Units (AU) synthesizer plugin for applications (Audio Unit hosts) like Garageband, Logic or Live. It features a polyphonic stereo subtractive AltiVec/SSE optimized DSP engine with a flexible modulation patchbay.


  • 3 antialiased oscillators with hard-syncable Sine, Saw, Puls and Wavetables waveforms
  • 3 filters with LP, HP, BP, Peak, Notch and Formant settings
  • 3 waveshaper with FM modulation and tube distortion
  • 3 chanel mixer with panorama settings
  • Stereo-delay with filter and tempo sync
  • Modulated spatial effect with tempo sync
  • Spring reverberator with filter
  • 14 editable and patchable timeline modulators with tempo sync
  • Poly-, unisono and legato-mode
  • Random preset generation
  • Midi learn”

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