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“AudioTexture Free is the free version of AudioTexture plugin which loads and processes contents from Freesound. A dedicated browser interface has been designed for an integrated workflow to use Freesound content with AudioTexture. You can search with filter/sorting criteria and preview right in the browser. The browser displays the most essential information about the sounds and allows double-click to directly load into AudioTexture synthesizer.

Freesound License Notice

Sounds on Freesound are free to use, however few exceptions exist depending on what license criteria the sound creator chose, or if you want to use the sounds commercially. You should check the legal text for each license to understand the terms, however generally you can do the following depending on each license:

  • CC0: You can use the sound without restriction.
  • Attribution: As above but you must provide a credit to the sound creator.
  • Attribution Non-Commerical: As above but you can not use the sound in commercial works.”

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