Audio Plugin Uninstaller

Audio Plugin Uninstaller | Audio Plugins for Free

Audio Plugin Uninstaller is the easiest way to manage your audio plugins on your Mac.

Unplug and play.

Audio plugins install files all over your computer, and each developer has a different philosophy about where their files should go. Enter Audio Plugin Uninstaller: your one-click solution to effortless plugin management:

  • Try demos without cluttering your hard drive. Discover amazing plugins by knowing you can easily try them without cluttering your hard drive.
  • Remove troublesome plugins. Plugin crashing your session, or not showing up at all? Remove it in one click.
  • Clean up your plugin list. Does your head spin scrolling down your long plugin list? Create a zen space to create by removing old stuff you don’t need anymore.
  • Explore installation packages. Easily find the presets, preferences, and other hidden files for any plugin.”

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