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“Amped Studio is a modern web based music studio and production environment. With instant access to virtual instruments, effects, loops and easy to use tools to make music right in your browser. Get to know Amped Studio now and unleash your creativity!

Layer instruments on top of your vocals, on the same track, in the same region! Amped Studio can play audio and MIDI content at the same time on the same track and you can add as many virtual instruments and effects as you want.

Hum the melody on your mind and easily turn it into notes. Record your beatboxing and turn it into drums. The exciting new feature brought over from our HumBeatz mobile app allows you to create music with nothing but your voice as the input!

WAMs are browser-based external audio plugin-ins that you can use inside Amped Studio. Similar to VST or AU plug-ins in desktop DAW applications. Amped Studio comes included with a selection of free WAMs while additional ones can be found at

Turn your voice into notes. Create movement in your music by automating track volume and pan. New content editor to edit both audio and notes in a region. Our powerful VOLT synthesizer has received a facelift and we threw some buckets of color at the studio.”

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