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For years, Chris from Airwindows has built an extensive library of nearly 400 DSP effects, all designed in a streamlined, retro-friendly format that’s impressively light and efficient. However, managing this vast collection, each with its unique name and multiple iterations like Channel6, Channel7, Console8, and Console9, has been overwhelming. Additionally, sticking with older formats like VST2 due to concerns about Steinberg’s licensing policies added to the complexity.

Enter Airwindows Consolidated, the ultimate solution to these issues. This single plugin now encompasses the entire Airwindows ecosystem, fully supported and future-proofed for all new releases (unless a major leap forward necessitates a separate plugin). So, what does Airwindows Consolidated offer?

Key Features:

  • CLAP Native: Airwindows Consolidated is CLAP native, bringing all the benefits of this future-forward format. As seen in the Manual running in Bitwig, many believe CLAP is the format of the future. Now, users can enjoy all Airwindows plugins in their native CLAP form, with new additions continually integrated.
  • VST3 Native: Perfect for Cubase users and those who have moved on from VST2. Airwindows Consolidated also caters to those who prefer a more visual interface, with knobs, jacks, and attenuators in the Rack version. Additionally, it supports AU and LV2 formats.
  • Theming: The plugin respects the system’s dark or light mode settings, with options to override. No more glaring bright gray rectangles if that’s not the preference.
  • Enhanced Usability: Includes text box value input, which wasn’t possible with VST2 in Reaper. This and other user-friendly features make Airwindows Consolidated a significant upgrade.
  • Screen Reader Support: Fully accessible for visually impaired musicians, with screen reader compatibility that reads out all text.

Comprehensive Content:

  • Built-In Airwindopedia: Each plugin includes the full explanation originally provided by Chris on release, totaling nearly 150,000 words. This extensive documentation is available in a sidebar for easy reference.
  • Menu System: Organized into ‘Recommended’ for the greatest hits, ‘Basic’ for newcomers, ‘Recent’ for the latest plugins, and ‘All Plugins’ for full access. Saved mixes remain unaffected by menu changes.

Ease of Use:

Airwindows Consolidated simplifies the entire plugin experience. It could be the only Airwindows plugin users ever need, with weekly updates that include new releases. Easy-to-use installers make re-downloading and installing hassle-free, and as an open-source project hosted by Microsoft, it costs nothing to download.


This project wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Baconpaul from the Surge XT synthesizer project, who also helped develop the VCV Rack module. Special thanks to EvilDragon for influencing the menu system and categorizing the plugins, enhancing both the plugin and the Airwindows website.

Airwindows Consolidated is now available and poised to become the primary way to access Airwindows plugins. It’s a significant milestone, simplifying and enhancing the Airwindows experience. Give it a try and see how it transforms your workflow.

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