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“Bitsonic has announced the release of AI Bass Mini, a new electric bass instrument.

The AI Bass Mini and AI Bass Ultimate music plugins offer a unique experience in the utilization of AI-based bass guitar sounds. This technology, a first-of-its-kind in the market, uses each sound sample not only based on the sample but also meticulously crafted, ensuring an unprecedentedly nuanced and dynamic bass guitar sound.

While the Ultimate version provides the full musical experience, it is important to emphasize that the AI Bass Mini plugin itself is also capable of delivering impressive results. Despite being a more compact version, it uses remarkably lifelike bass guitar sounds and is capable of highlighting each note of musical creation.

The AI Bass Mini is an excellent choice if you are seeking a compact yet powerful tool for music production. In addition to most of the features offered by the Ultimate version, this version is particularly suitable for direct and authentic representation of the feel and sound of the music.”

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