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AfroCongo: The Ultimate All-In-One Soukous Seben & Congolese Rumba Plugin

Elevate your music production with AfroCongo, the all-in-one plugin designed by Afroplug for Soukous Seben and AfroCongo styles, created in collaboration with experts in Congolese music.

Create Authentic Beats for Renowned Congolese Artists:

  • Koffi Olomide: Congolese superstar known for his influential Soukous music.
  • Fally Ipupa: Internationally acclaimed artist celebrated for his blend of Soukous and modern sounds.
  • InossB: Iconic figure in Congolese music, famous for his vibrant and energetic performances.

AfroCongo is specifically designed to create high-quality Soukous Seben and AfroCongo rhythms, equipping you with an extensive array of sounds to bring your beats to life in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Drum Kits: Packed with lively and intricate drum patterns tailored for Soukous Seben and AfroCongo, providing the rhythmic foundation you need.
  • Dynamic Guitar, Bass, Keys, Rhythms: Add groove and authenticity with a variety of guitar riffs and melodic patterns that capture the essence of Congolese music.
  • Rich Instrumentation: A diverse collection of instruments, including bass guitars, brass sections, and traditional Congolese instruments, meticulously sampled for authenticity and quality.
  • Instant Inspiration: User-friendly interface and pre-designed presets allow you to create professional-grade beats quickly and effortlessly.


  • For Mac & PC

With AfroCongo, producing authentic Soukous Seben and AfroCongo rhythms is streamlined and simplified. Embrace the vibrant rhythms of Congo with this powerful, all-encompassing production tool. Get ready to create captivating melodies and infectious rhythms with AfroCongo!

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