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Actuate, developed by Ardura, is a versatile virtual instrument that serves as a synthesizer, sampler, and granulizer, available for macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. This open-source plugin, leveraging the VST 3 and CLAP formats, showcases a blend of traditional and innovative waveforms alongside multiple filters, effects, LFOs, and modulation options for expansive sound shaping. Notably, it supports pitch-shifting and granular synthesis, offering unique possibilities for audio processing


  • Two SVF Filters, a VCF inspired filter, and Tilt inspired filters that can be parallel, serial, or bypassed with ADSR Envelopes.
  • 12 Oscillator shapes:
    • The standard: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square, Pulse, Noise.
    • WSaw – Saw with noise variance to create crispyness.
    • SSaw – Saw with small variance to create shimmer.
    • RSaw – Rounded saw wave.
    • RASaw – Rounded saw wave with random variances.
    • RSquare – Rounded square wave.
  • 7 Filter resonance approximations for different sweeps in SVF filters
    • Default – Allegedly the “ideal” response when tying Q to angular sin response.
    • Moog – Allegedly a Moog Ladder Q approximation further modified.
    • TB – Allegedly an approximation of a TB-303 LP further modified.
    • Arp – Allegedly an approximation of an Arp 2600 further modified.
    • Res – I made this up – kind of a hyper resonance while still being gentle.
    • Bump – I made this up – a gentle bump resonance different from the others.
    • Powf – I made this up – Curves based on Powf math function as it scales.
  • 10 Different FX for post processing.
  • 3 LFO controllers.
  • 2 Pitch Envelopes that can be multilinked to different oscs.
  • 4 Modulators that can be linked to multiple things.
  • Sampler with pitch shifting or resample stretching.
  • Sampler supports single cycle waveforms for wavetable-like functions.
  • Granulizer with ADSR and crossfading between grains.
  • Any generator can go to any filter.
  • Samples can be saved into presets.
  • Stereo width and ultra wide controls.
  • clap version”

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