Acoustic Dhol 2 Lite

Acoustic Dhol 2 Lite | Audio Plugins for Free

“Acoustic Dhol 2 is the new Sample based Acoustic Indian Dhol Instrument. It has been sampled from real Indian Metal, Wood and Fiber DHOL Instruments. Sampled with condenser mic with various Positions. It is velocity sensitive instrument with built in Round Robin AI triggered Samples. It comes with Win 64 bit VST3,AU and Mac VST3 plugins. Acoustic Dhol 2 comes with FREE Player, however you will require to purchase the factory expansion to Up and Run the full instrument. 20 HQ Instrument presets with Low End SUB & 808 generator OSC, Dhol Generator, Filter and Reverb. Now just play real Dhol Instrument right inside your host DAW.”

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