A|B Assist

“A|B Assist is a plug-in that provides customisable AB and XY testing, giving you an honest and objective even after listener fatigue or over-familiarity kicks in. Confidently pick the best, every time, with the science you need to affirm your choice.

A|B Assist makes referencing and testing within your DAW environment fast and convenient – receive two audio sources and switch easily between them for instant comparisons between your current production and any reference material.

Compare different mixes or processing chains with blind testing, hiding sources to allow impartial comparison tests. Pick the best, without bias from what is known about the signals. Easily include automated statistical measurement if required to back up your ears with a bit of science – vote to see if you can consistently identify a preferred version or mix, or even straw poll a number of different listeners. A|B Assist helps you work quicker and more accurately – versatile enough become an essential part of your mix or mastering process.

There has been some confusion over compatibility with this plug-in and we have checked with our friends at Nugen Audio and they tell us that despite what it says in the Avid Store, the plug-in is AAX 32 and AAX 64 Native only. Currently there are NOT Audio Units or VST versions available but we can exclusively reveal that Nugen Audio are working on Audio Units and VST versions of their AB Assist although at this point they do not have a release date planned for these.”

Source : pro-tools-expert.com

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