AASamplePlayer (GAS Therapy)

AASamplePlayer (GAS Therapy) | Audio Plugins for Free

“AASamplePlayer turns any sound file into a playable instrument suuuuuper efficiently and universally, just load it up with your favorite DAW and have fun~

— Michael from GAS Therapy

(GAS Therapy is a video series I made on YouTube, focusing on sharing cheaper and better musical gears solutions, now it also becomes a plugin brand, I will continue to share my knowledge under multiple formats)

Now it supports file batch load and sample navigation with keyboard shortcuts. (No file duplicated, no subscription, grab and go~)

Other improvements:

* Update the zero-crossing algorithm, add fallback mechanism for certain sample.

* Tighter UI element layout.

* Add qwerty keyboard shortcuts, left/right for file navigation.

* Add horizontal drag support for knobs.”

Source : playpm.gumroad.com

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