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“2RuleMidiSeq ( TugMidiSeq ) is a polyphonic arp and seq creator midi plugin.

The notes of the pressed chords are automatically lined up from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch, creating musical polyphonic pattens according to the beat moments in the seq window.
A circular note flow display for fun.

  • Variable speeds for each chord note.

  • Variable beats for each chord note.

  • Variable velocity for each chord note.

  • Variable duration of note.

  • Octaves for each chord notes.

  • Midiin for chords (your own fingers) :-).

  • ReSync.

  • Seq Matrix.

  • Randomization.

  • Presets.

  • InBuilt SineWave synth for check pattern.

Extra Features:
-In addition to the already existing adjustable velocity knobs, the option of using the velocity of the midi-in “FixVel./InVel.” button has been added.
-In addition to the automatic ordering of the notes according to the “from low to high pitch”, the option of “setting automatically incoming MIDI note to the lowest empty line” is added (NoteOrdered/NoteFirstIn button). In this case, when pressed up a note, the corresponding line becomes empty (the sorting algorithm is not called).”

Source : akyuz5

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