Compressor Audio Plugins

FREE87 series | Audio Plugins for Free

FREE87 series

  The FREE87 series features four free VST effect plug-ins: FR-COMP 87 (compressor + integrated 0dB brickwall li[...]
FreeG | Audio Plugins for Free


  “FreeG is a Gain / Fader plug-in that can be used for a variety of applications to increase the control an[...]
Kotelnikov | Audio Plugins for Free


  “TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor combining high fidelity dynamic range control with deep mu[...]
Bitter Sweet | Audio Plugins for Free

Bitter Sweet III

  “Bitter Sweet is a free dynamics processor to manage audio transients. Turning the central button on the s[...]
w1limiter | Audio Plugins for Free

W1 Limiter

  “W1 Limiter is a clone of Waves L1, with identical output. This was accomplished without reverse engineerin[...]
Molot | Audio Plugins for Free


  “Molot is a compressor plug-in with a GUI inspired by an old Soviet military device. Features: Very charac[...]
DepthCharge compressor plugin


 “Plugin Compressor from 7AIR. Beautifully designed with analogue VU meters and dimpled metal background. Des[...]
Audio Plugin for Free - ReaComp (Compressor)


  “ReaComp is a free VST Compressor. Features: Ultra-configurable compressor Soft knee support Sidechain filt[...]
Audio Plugin for Free - ReaXComp (Compressor)


  “Features: Unlimited band compressor Great metering per band Fantastic sounding filters Solo current band m[...]
Audio Plugin for Free - ReaFIR (Compressor/Equalizar)


  “Features: FFT based dynamics processor Supports FFT sizes of 128-32768 Useful in/out frequency response di[...]
Audio Plugin for Free - Rough Rider

Rough Rider

 “Rough Rider is a modern compressor with a bit of “vintage” style bite and a uniquely warm sound[...]


 “CamelCrusher is a free ‘colouring’ multi-effect plugin. It offers two characteristically differ[...]
free audio plugin - BItterSweet II

BItterSweet II

  “Turning the central button to the sweet side decreases the transients amplitude. To the bitter side, the t[...]
Calf Compressor (Dynamics/Compressor) - Linux/LV2

Calf Compressor

 “Smooth sounding dynamic compressor with a variety of settings, written by Thor Harald Johansen. RMS/peak mo[...]
Compressor plugin


 Compressor plugin for Linux.[...]